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From Nome to Port Arthur, we're on the front lines of Supporting Youth Through Education.  Through the year, we host fundraisers, community events, and educational functions that support the community.  

Starting in 1972, the committee was formed to assist with promotion of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. Today, the committee has diversified it's local efforts to assist even more students through our local scholarship.  

Since the mid 1970s, Jefferson County Go Texan has distributed over $779,000 to graduating seniors in Jefferson County as well as surrounding counties based upon need.  Want to know how you can help our mission? 


Supporting Youth

Through Education

It's that simple!  Through fundraisers, benefits, community events, and more; our fundraising goes directly back to the youth of Jefferson County.  Our events are sole fundraisers which provide funds for graduation seniors.  Since the mid-1970s, Jefferson County Go Texan has distributed over $779,000 to seniors looking to enchnace their education endavors.  

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